For the past 30 years we have been creating innovative and personalised investment solutions for our private and corporate clients through life insurance policies, capitalisation policies and pension products.

For more than 30 years, we have offered insurance brokers, independent financial advisers, private banks and family offices financial diversification, retirement planning, wealth transfer solutions, answers to expatriation issues, etc., in short, solutions in situations that all require a personalised wealth approach, tailor-made by a team of experts. As a result, we have already built a vast network of loyal partners who trust us to offer their clients solutions tailored to their situation and their needs.

Multi-local expertise in assurance

Our unique know-how is based on the sum of our local expertise. Present in eight markets in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Sweden), we have specialists in wealth planning for all. Together, our experts develop cross-border assurance solutions that comply with the regulations in force in the countries where policyholders and their beneficiaries reside, and ensure the portability of policies in the event of expatriation.

Whatever your clients request, you are never alone: our experts are at your side to assess the situation and design the solution best suited to their needs.

A wide range of investment solutions in Luxembourg

Your client has the choice of collective management or individual management.

With the unique Luxembourg framework, OneLife offers your clients an unrivalled range of investment vehicles. These vehicles can also be combined within the same policy.

To house investments within the life insurance policy, four vehicles are available:

Collectively-managed vehicles

External funds: OneLife offers access to more than 400 external funds offered by reputable international managers.

Internal collective funds (ICFs): To meet more specific needs, we also offer ICFs created exclusively for our clients: Examples of these are mono-underlying ICFs in structured products or thematic ICFs, eg. real estate .

>> Our external funds and our internal collective funds offer free automatic switching options which can be combined and configured throughout the life of the life insurance policy to allow you to optimise your clients’ portfolio management by securing capital gains, limiting losses or even gradually returning to one or more markets. .

Individually-managed vehicles

Internal dedicated funds (IDFs): funds created specifically for your client, with the choice of the custodian bank and the management company in charge of managing investments according to their profile and objectives.

Specialised insurance funds: funds created specifically for your client, with increased freedom of management. They have two options: management can either be accompanied by the recommendations of an accredited wealth management advisor (Advisory SIF) or consist of a series of initial investments held until maturity (Buy & Hold SIF).

>> For these two investment vehicles, OneLife aggregates players and expertise to offer your client a fully personalised solution. We have agreements with more than 90 custodian banks and 250 asset management companies operating in Europe, and we sign new agreements regularly to meet specific needs, as long as they meet our quality, reliability and safety criteria.

We have also developed expertise to integrate non-traditional assets such as private equity, real estate and securitisation within our life insurance policies (depending on the category of policyholder according to Circular Letter L15/3).

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Life insurance as a source of financing

Life insurance can also serve as a financing tool for your clients. We offer them Lombard credit solutions that allow them to use their life insurance policy as collateral for a bank loan:

  • Assignment of rights over the life insurance policy
  • Designation of beneficiary
  • Pledge of the life insurance policy
  • Assignment of receivables

The advantage of this formula is that your clients can continue to grow their transferable wealth according to their objectives while constituting the guarantees necessary for the realisation of their project, whether it is to finance a real estate purchase, to guarantee a loan taken out by an heir or to offer a surety for the investments pursued by their company.

Innovative digital solutions

We have developed a series of digital solutions to make your life and that of your clients easier.

Secure platform, dedicated app and digital signature

Our secure youroffice platform and our OneLife OneApp app allow you, among other things:

  • To access your activity dashboard and your key indicators: breakdown by product, by type of fund and client, commission statements, etc.
  • To consult the policy of each of your clients and to follow its detailed evolution, by type of fund and by currency
  • Prepare transactions for your clients online: new subscriptions, switching transactions, additional premiums, etc. These transactions will then be validated by your clients remotely using our digital signature system
  • To browse our range of external funds, access information on their performance and compare them thanks to our QuickRank tool
  • To carry out complete financial analyses in order to better advise your clients on their investments thanks to our X-Ray tool

The QuickRank and X-Ray tools were developed in collaboration with Morningstar, one of the most renowned financial analysts.

Portfolio management services

We offer you a range of online services to facilitate the management of client portfolios for which you are responsible:

  • A risk profile control tool during switching
  • The possibility of carrying out mass switching operations in order to apply, quickly and without risk of error, your switching decisions to all the policies concerned
  • The ability to create model portfolios and use them as a basis for mass rebalancing of your clients’ portfolios

Data exchange and aggregation services

Do you work with your own reporting tools or do you need to integrate data related to the evolution of your clients’ portfolio (movements, valuation, performance, commission, etc.)?
You can easily access this data in different formats (csv., penelop, etc.) in order to import it into your own tools.

Daily fund valuation

External funds and internal collective funds have long been offering daily valuation tools.

OneLife also provides its partners and clients with a daily valuation service for internal dedicated funds (IDFs) and specialised insurance funds (SIFs) available with certain OneLife partner custodian banks. An useful tool, in addition to the official monthly valuation service, to offer even more transparency to your clients.

Switching platform for SIFs under advisory management

We have developed a dedicated switching platform for specialised insurance funds (SIFs) placed under advisory management within OneLife policies.

As a financial investment adviser, you can place orders on behalf of your clients on a single, secure platform, regardless of the custodian bank chosen by your client.

Increasingly solid local roots

For more than thirty years, we have continued our development to become the preferred partner of wealth management advisors, brokers, fund managers, private bankers and family offices across the whole of Europe.

This development strategy, combined with the quality of our products and services, allows us to rely on solid and ever-expanding local roots.

  • In Belgium, OneLife is a leading player in Luxembourg branch 23 products (investment insurance without guaranteed capital).
  • In Denmark, OneLife was the first foreign insurer to meet the SKAT criteria, allowing Danish savers to transfer their pension plans to OneLife. OneLife is now the leader in this niche with 90% market share.
  • OneLife’s Danish expertise is complemented by dedicated solutions for Sweden and Finland.
  • In France, the premiums generated by the company’s Freedom to Provide Services activity out of Luxembourg reached a new threshold in 2021, confirming the successful commercial strategy implemented over the past two years.
  • In Spain and Portugal, OneLife is constantly developing new partnerships with major financial institutions interested in Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance solutions.
  • In the UK, OneLife is becoming an established player serving British expatriates, offering innovative cross-border solutions to UK citizens residing in Europe or beyond.