Portugal is already considered as a destination of choice for HNWI and their families. Besides the inherent advantages of living in Portugal such as the sunny climate, the safe environment and so on, Portugal has managed to attract many of these international families through the by now well-known Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime.

The NHR regime provides undeniable advantages for those who choose to use it. However, there is often a misleading perception about its exact benefits. Concretely, this means that each potential investor should first aim to make an analysis of their own personal investments (typology, location, offshore structures etc…) before concluding that all the return/yield/income received in Portugal will be tax exempt.

If we consider the case of unit-linked life assurance products distributed in the Portuguese market, the specific benefits for NHR residents have not yet been extensively treated and explained to end-clients. This prompted OneLife to take a closer look at this topic!

This process has led to the release of a new NHR e-book. It contains specific case studies of international families and uses the example of life assurance contracts issued from Luxembourg as a solution for non-habitual Portuguese residents.

Want to know more about the NHR regime and the tax, succession and flexibility advantages of life assurance?

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