With the media constantly magnifying the wealthy’s scandals and controversies, the word wealth seems to have become, to a large extent, a ‘dirty’ word. 

OneLife brings to you our most recent thought leadership paper written in collaboration with Scorpio Partnership, providing insights into what Europe’s HNWIs think about their fortunes and its consequences.


The ‘Interplay of Self and Society’ forms the first part of our Essential Wealth series, in which we will be exploring the lives of 600 high-net-worth individuals from the intimacy of their own families to the perception they have of themselves in relation to the world around them. 

While they may see in themselves many virtuous qualities such as honesty, kindness, and generosity, they also acknowledge they can be lazy, greedy and jealous. In this sense, the wealthy recognise their flaws.

They are human.

So, when all of this wealth-bashing occurs, when all individuals of wealth are unceremoniously placed into the category of being known as ‘society’s fat cats’, how do those high-net-worths who consider themselves to be active social citizens of this world feel?

And more importantly, what are they doing to break down the boundaries between themselves and the societies they live in as they continue to create wealth?


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