Why OneLife

  1. Flexibility to suit many specific needs from inheritance planning to asset protection
  2. Cross-border expertise for tax-efficient relocation
  3. Stability and security of a Luxembourg contract
  4. Dedicated Finnish market experts designing compliant and customised solutions


Wealth Finland

Offers investment options ranging from dedicated vehicles for discretionary management to a wide choice of external funds offered by leading asset managers and internal funds. In addition, investors with higher levels of assets and an appropriate risk profile can, under certain conditions, invest in alternative assets.

  • Provides complete flexibility to opt for multiple asset managers or different custodians for separate investment portfolios or portfolios with different investment strategies
  • In the absence of asset manager the policyholders have the possibility to request asset allocation changes via the insurance company
  • Facilitates relocation: adaptable to legal and tax requirements in other countries, subject to appropriate planning prior to the move. Standard solutions available in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Sweden and the UK; others are possible on a case-by-case basis


Finnish Income Tax Act

Finnish Income Tax Act has been amended in relation to the taxation of unit-linked life insurance policies, with effect from 1 January 2020.

For details, please read our dedicated article “New tax laws approved by the Finnish Parliament”.


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