Why OneLife

  1. Flexibility to suit many specific needs from inheritance planning to asset protection
  2. Cross-border expertise for tax-efficient relocation
  3. Stability and security of a Luxembourg contract
  4. Dedicated Swedish market experts designing compliant and customised solutions


Wealth Sweden

A life insurance solution specifically designed for both private individuals and companies who are resident in Sweden. It’s fully compliant with Swedish tax and legal requirements, has numerous features that sophisticated clients request today, and is designed to facilitate relocation.

  • Fully adaptable to legal and tax requirements in other countries, subject to appropriate planning prior to the move.
  • Choose multiple asset managers and / or different custodian banks, as well as self-management options
  • Choose different investment strategies to suit specific needs
  • Investors with eligible investable wealth and risk profile may invest in alternative and unlisted assets


Unlisted assets

At OneLife, we offer comprehensive solutions for wealth management including the acceptance of unlisted assets, supported by Luxembourg’s insurance regulation that allows a large range of underlying investments in internal funds.
For many wealthy individuals, a significant part of their total wealth comprises unlisted assets which can be categorized into shares, debt instruments (including Securitization vehicles), as well as Private Equity funds and Real Estate in multiple jurisdictions.

Our specialized Unlisted Assets Team has extensive experience in this sector and is able to manage these types of assets taking into account various aspects such as valuation, legal, compliance, governance, etc.

We ensure that the proposed solution is best suited to our client’s needs.

The Unlisted Assets Team also performs on-going monitoring and due diligence of the assets to ensure the investments remain compliant and suitable over time. This includes reviewing the price of the asset in accordance with market conditions and any changes within the unlisted company.


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