The Van Dewael family has worked hard for decades and now they are ready to venture into less traditional investments with their savings, such as FinTech companies. To do so, their wealth manager has advised that they take out a life assurance contract and use a Securitisation vehicle to efficiently structure their investments for cross-border portability.

With this fully customised solution, Geert and Inge can invest in both unquoted assets and more traditional assets.

It is also flexible such that Geert and Inge can use it as an integrated succession planning and investment tool. Beyond this, if the couple decide to relocate for their retirement, the life assurance contract can be customised for tax benefits. This comes into play when the beneficiaries receive their inheritance, allowing them to benefit from any inheritance tax reliefs related to the life assurance contract.

OneLife has over 25 years’ experience in providing Luxembourg life assurance solutions which stand the test of time.  Whether it be inheritance planning, cross-border portability or dedicated investments, our team of experts is there to find the best solution for you and your family’s situation. 

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