OneLife likes to use a combination of traditional and digital marketing to source new business.  LinkedIn is a particularly powerful tool that facilitates the sourcing of quality leads that can then be qualified by our Sales teams internally to help build new business relationships for the future.


The new way to sell is social! The OneLife Company Succeeds at Sourcing Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Did you know?  In 2017, 30% of new premiums in OneLife policies were collected using this methodology.  That’s almost a third of new business sourced directly – and digitally – from LinkedIn!  It’s a cost- and time-efficient way to work.

The OneLife Team involved in the case study came from across a number of OneLife’s markets: Nadine Baltus, Cécile Portes, Arnaud Mezergues, Bastien Perrine, Tarja Valkeinen and André Piovezan, led and coached by Christophe Regnault, OneLife Digital Marketing Manager.  Using LinkedIn’s network and process, Sales Navigator made a real difference in shortening the sales cycle and creating real business opportunities. 


What did we achieve ?  For this, we are pleased to say that OneLife is the first wealth management company globally to part of LinkedIn Global’s « Hall of Fame » which ranks best-in-class companies  when it comes to  modern selling techniques.  OneLife is now recognised by LinkedIn as an expert in social selling and lead generation and sits in the prestigious company of the likes of Microsoft, Paypal, SAP ….    


How did we get there ?  The project was initiated in March 2017 by Christophe Regnault as part of his keynote speech at the L’Apéro des Marketers event in Luxembourg.  The seal of approval from LinkedIn is indeed strong recognition that the actions put in place with the Sales Navigator tool delivered real results for OneLife. The combination of LinkedIn’s network, clear KPIs and a motivated team of people is a winning formula!   


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Case Study OneLife


See =>  here for the Link to the OneLife Case Study.


Antonio Corpas, Chief Executive Officer OneLife : “We have seen the advantage first-hand at OneLife of adding the modern social selling dimension to more traditional selling techniques. The success of LinkedIn sales solutions is the ability to target contacts who have a real interest in our service offering so responding quickly and in a cost effective way  to help satisfy their needs”.


Christophe Regnault, Digital Marketing Manager OneLife : “If you thought that modern selling couldn’t be applied to wealth management and life assurance, then just think again! 30% of OneLife’s assets within Europe have come from leads sourced via Sales Navigator. If this is applied to the rest of our territories, you can see that it has quite an impact!”


What’s next? With these strong foundations, OneLife is now ready to further build and expand this dynamic towards all the front-end teams @OneLife and also towards its stakeholders.

This means two main actions:

  • Keep on increasing the number of participants internally so as to progressively expand the brand reach on OneLife’s key differentiators;
  • Further Integrate our stakeholders, by organising external workshops with our partners to get a multiplier effect and alignment in terms of relay of the brand reach but also to generate value out of our leads.


OneLife will keep up its modern selling work and would like to congratulate all those involved in this experience!