The global village, an inter-connected world in which mobility is the norm, has arrived.  Technology-driven globalization has crashed through geographical barriers and is disrupting the status quo in financial services and life assurance.



Of course, if the world were a village, Luxembourg would barely be visible, yet spurred on by its size and location; the country is busily shaping a new role for itself that has international service and fiscal transparency at its heart. In a recent interview with the Belgian magazine “Le Monde de l’Assurance” / “De Verzekeringswereld”, Marc Stevens, CEO of NPG Wealth Management, considers how global mobility is changing financial needs. Taxation, estate and financial planning and portfolio composition must all now be approached from an international perspective: “Luxembourg is becoming increasingly visible outside the European borders as a hub for the export of know-how and financial services to other continents. The Luxembourg Life sector is expanding and awakening more and more interest from large estate owners.”

With growth comes responsibility, but Luxembourg has also moved quickly to demonstrate its willingness to move towards fully transparent reporting whilst focusing on providing great products, priced competitively.

Download the full interview to read more about how the Luxembourg Life sector is adapting to change and how NPG intends to support its intermediaries along the way.