Increasing digitalisation is an asset for our partners and clients, and facilitates work internally. The adoption of SWIFT and the launch of digital tools, supported by e-signature and secure platforms, have established our status as a connected player.

Digitalisation enables us to provide more information while being more efficient during the data-sharing process. One of the most concrete examples is OneLife’s integration into the SWIFT community.

Process standardisation creates rapid and automated sharing of information, leading to our clients and partners being able to access new services and a significant amount of time being saved at multiple levels. Deployment with partner custodian banks will be rolled out over 2022-2024. Quintet was the first partner in this project that went into production in May 2023.

The deployment of solutions such as the “Client Knowledge” tool allows our partners to have access to dashboards where they can digitally update the information and be notified of the date of expiry of their clients’ identity documents, for example. Thanks to these developments, all participants in the chain are able to satisfy their regulatory obligations. This creates ease and visibility.

Furthermore, the purpose of the “simplified electronic signature” tool is to simplify the digital experience by offering clients the option to sign all types of operations without the need for access – or to connect to yourassets secure platform. Available to all new or existing clients, the service is accessible through various devices (tablet, computer or even smartphone). This new feature also offers an alerting system allowing clients to be notified when a new operation is to be signed (this alerting service will be expanded in the coming months to other types of events for clients and partners). A simple, instant experience, with no digital disruption.

By early 2024, we will also launch the 100% digital subscription tested platform of the Groupe APICIL to which we belong since 2019. This platform can be used to create policies and perform transactions, virtually in real time. The feedback and expertise of the group in this field are a real asset for us.

The second half of 2023 will also be marked by the expansion of the scope of use of the SEPA direct debit mandate in France and then in Belgium for all types of premiums.

The significant mobilisation of our teams in the implementation of these major projects enables us to offer additional services to our partners. We are focussing on the digital journey becoming the core of our value proposition. This will establish strong links benefiting all players.

We are committed to providing rapid and quality services, our value proposition is based on open architecture. The combination of these strategic initiatives has led to our clients and partners enjoying access to tools offering ever-higher levels of performance, with virtual real-time data. For the coming year, we are developing a fully digital application process, a true revolution for our Belgian and French partners as well as our end users.