The theme for the 12th edition of the OneLife Investment Forum was The Future of Wealth Management. In the context of global change and digital transformation affecting economy, politics, society and environment, OneLife took a look at the opportunities which exist for the future and the areas of innovation which will make the difference when it comes to managing client portfolios.

And it all starts by bringing people together!

The OneLife Investment Forum is an independent knowledge and exchange platform bringing together the global investment community – on the one side, our extensive partner network in Belgium composed of insurance brokers and widened this year to include influencers such as law firms, audit companies and other financial intermediaries – and on the other, the international fund houses and asset managers with whom we work.

The purpose of the Forum is to bridge the gap between different perspectives to come to a shared understanding and create lasting partnerships.


Romain Chevalier, CCO OneLife
“The OneLife Investment Forum is quite simply the annual event in Belgium giving the unique opportunity to all players in the wealth management industry in Belgium to meet and exchange on topics which affect their clients”.


Agenda highlights

The Forum aimed to achieve this through interactive fund pitches, panel discussions and workshops centred on the themes and trends influencing today’s global wealth management industry:

  • from leading fund managers explaining their strategies for the year ahead, and sharing their investment ideas across asset classes and themes,
  • to OneLife’s own experts presenting the advantages of wealth structuring using life assurance and in particular the benefits of real estate investments in Belgian portfolios,
  • To the evolution of socially responsible investments (SRI), the spectacular rise of impact funds and the role of ESG in value creation

With 300+ guests and over 40 fund houses in attendance, the debate was rich in content and ideas.


Marc Dhondt, Senior Consultant OneLife 
“A key part of our Forum are our Workshops on different investment and wealth planning themes, which allow our partners to gather information, discuss options and select the best solutions for their clients”.


And taking a look from on high at the end of the day …

Our keynote speaker this year was Dirk Frimout, first Belgian in space. Mr Frimout was aboard the NASA space mission Atlas 1 in 1992 and ran a number of experiments with 6 other American astronauts over the period from 24 March to 2 April.

He gave our audience a fascinating glance into life in a different dimension, delved into how space exploration is continuing to push back the frontiers and provided us with a new perspective for the future, requiring human endeavour, innovation and boldness to succeed.


Nicolas Milos, Senior Wealth Planner OneLife
“Life assurance is a flexible wealth management tool, allowing clients to manage their wealth safely and effectively for both the near and long-term. The Investment Forum is the place to be to learn about all the latest developments”.


Rendez-vous next year

OneLife would like to thank all those participated in the 2019 Investment Forum. Rendez-vous next year in October in Brussels!