We are pleased to announce that OneLife has been awarded the ESR label (CSR label at European level) by the INDR, the national institute for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, a key player in Luxembourg.


The ESR label, which has been awarded to OneLife for a period of 3 years, recognises our efforts to implement a CSR strategy within our company, accompanied by a concrete action plan.
Beyond a certification, this label testifies to our daily commitment in a continuous improvement process to contribute to key sustainable development goals:

  • Environment
  • Social issues
  • Well-being at work

Hereafter are some example of concrete actions already carried out or launched within the company:

  • Waste management strategy and questioning our consumption (water, waste, resources)
  • Installation of charging stations for hybrid and electric cars
  • Introduction of teleworking in the company’s life
  • Selection of responsible suppliers meeting CSR criteria
  • Raising awareness of diversity and inclusion (training managers, equal pay, promoting youth and senior employment)
  • Support for national and international charities and humanitarian organisations
  • Workshops involving employees on the environment and work/life balance issues

“Our main ambitions are both to pay particular attention to the integration and well-being of our employees, our company’s primary asset, and to contribute to the fight against global warming through a low carbon transition and a committed investment policy, said Antonio Corpas, Chief Executive Officer of OneLife. Our objective is to continue this internal dynamic by involving all our teams in the development of concrete and impactful actions for the future.”

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