Dear Partner,

OneLife is a European life assurance specialist that provides wealthy clients with efficient financial planning solutions that meet their ever changing needs across generations, wherever they go.

In order to deliver exceptional services whilst maximizing its footprint across its key European markets, the Group has decided to focus its activities out of Luxembourg.

On June 24, 2016, OneLife entered into sale and purchase agreements with Harcourt Life Assurance Company for the disposal of its overseas operating entities, Augura Life Ireland dac (Republic of Ireland) and Altraplan Bermuda Ltd (Bermuda Islands).

These agreements, which are subject to regulatory approval, are expected to close by the end of 2016. Upon completion, Transitional Service Agreements will be implemented for a period of up to one year to ensure a smooth transfer of activities and in the best interest of our partners and clients.

We will keep you informed as we move in the process. Please do not hesitate to contact your regular contact at OneLife if you have any questions.
We are confident that our new focus out of Luxembourg will help us consolidate our ambitious growth strategy across Europe.

Thank you for your trust, and rest assured of our true commitment and dedication.

Yours faithfully,

Marc Stevens
Chief Executive Officer