With € 714 bn of gross life insurance premiums in 2014, the European Life sector continues its development and is experiencing a rapid change as a result of the introduction of new regulations and a sophisticated and increasingly mobile clientele.

According to one of our survey*, life assurance usage amongst HNWI is forecast to double, with Luxembourg’s role as a centre of excellence. In Belgium, Luxembourg contracts are particularly popular since the country is the third distributor of such contracts with € 2.2 bn of premiums in 2014.

As the leader in Belgium for Luxembourg life assurance contracts (“Branch 23”) NPG Wealth Management took part in a special campaign dedicated to Wealth management and released in the Belgian magazine Trends Tendances.

In his interview (p5), Marc Stevens, CEO of the Group, explains this success. Beyond a simple investment tool, the life assurance contract has become a complete and fully customised solution meeting the needs of wealthy international customers in terms of investments, estate planning and tax optimisation. He also reminds the advantages and strengths of the Luxembourg contracts in a cross-border life assurance industry.

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*The Future of Life : The anticipated role of life assurance in wealth management – NPG Wealth Management, 2015