NextGen clients have the potential to make or break wealth advisors.


Future success depends on engaging these young clients, yet how do you speak to a generation of demanding sceptics? How can you win their trust and how will they measure the service you provide?

To create our latest report we surveyed 3,113 high-net-worth individuals, a must-read guide to the NextGen psyche.

Key findings:

  • Over 80% of the respondents agree that their financial provider is hitting the mark
  • 67% of them expect a positive impact from increased regulation


  • 27% of young Europeans believe that investment recommendations have not been in line with their risk tolerance
  • With increased regulation ¼ of millennials believe that advice will be less tailored to their individual circumstances and 1/3 that guidance will become less personal

This is the third of four Futurewealth papers that will be released throughout the year.


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