and Culture

A culture includes the behavioral requirements of the overlying government. In the free-enterprise system, the behavioral rules of the government should extend only into criminal and civil action. All other cultural elements are then fluid to fit the needs of the species. In the case of socialism, the government is the culture, since its rules include all behavior. But, man is not uniform in his requirements for happiness and well-being. Although he needs a certain amount of imposed discipline, he must also have the freedom to pursue his own goals and dreams.

Socialism is an insidious, contagious and degenerating cultural disease.
It is to human culture what HIV is to the human body.

Man developed as a tribal-warrior-hunter over a two million year period. By nature (instinct) mankind is goal seeking, family oriented, honorable, dynamic, tenacious, brave and industrious. But man dreams of the goals, even while working toward them, and tends to detest the travail associated with attaining them, not realizing that it is the struggle which hones the human and those traits will atrophy if not diligently exercised. This healthy inner conflict, which makes mankind great, also provides a weak spot, an open invitation for socialist seduction.
Principles of Socialism Free enterprise emphasizes man's productivity. Such nations are wealthy. In making man dependent, Marxism (socialism/liberalism) emphasizes man's wants. Such nations are destitute
Socialism in Education Our socialist education system denies that it is a part of the socialist movement. You won't find any of them who will admit this history of how they got that way.
Socialism and Medicine Free-enterprise and socialism each have their deficiencies, but placing a large segment of a free enterprise system under socialism is a marriage made in hell.