Genetics and Evolution

Out of chaos emerged a tiny shred of life. From that came all living creatures. One of those is man.

To build a culture which satisfies the needs of man, man must first be understood.

To understand man, it is necessary to comprehend his origin, the process by which he developed, and the environment in which he developed.

This series is not written by an academic in the field of genetics and evolution. It is instead written by a trained and experienced electromechanical engineer after researching the literature. The viewpoint then is one of mechanisms and processes, based on provable premises. All effort has been made to minimize conjecture, opinion, hearsay and ideology.
Evolution Once life was created, the mechanism of evolution then developed all other life forms. This creator of man now becomes a deadly problem we must solve.
The major development by evolution was the cell, the first self-contained life. Complex life then developed as cooperative groups of cells.
The journey from ramidus to sapien wasn't easy. Evolution works best on misery and death. When a species becomes successful, evolution then provides species degeneration.
Darwin vs Intelligent Design Darwin's theory is perceived by many as a threat to all religious beliefs, a theory that the religious believe could result in a collapse of human culture.
The Human
The differences in the behavior between man and beast lie in the function of their brains. From this organ comes the good and bad we call human.
The Digital
When man is quantified, and he soon will be, there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth . The first step is placing man in a category that lends itself to measurement.
The Soul
of Man
There are two central beliefs by all mankind which transcend cultural differences: 1. Life is more than its chemicals, and 2. Man is more than his mechanism.
of Man
Evolution was not kind in its way of creating us. Now that we have conquered, all we have accomplished is arranging for our own extinction.