Human Ethics and Morality

A study of the OneLife theory reveals the relationship between the individual human and all other life.

A study of genetics reveals the method by which the structure of the human is determined.

A study of the evolution process reveals the method and sequence of the development of the human.

From all these we may learn what life is, what the human is, the relationship between the two, and the behavioral responsibilities of the individual human.
The knowledge forming the basis for 'Human Ethics and Morality' is contained in the 'Evolution and Genetics' section under the main index. If you are not familiar with the information in that section, you must at least have a basic philosophical understanding of evolution before evaluating the material contained in this section. A brief summary is available here.
Fact, Knowledge
and Theory
Words are symbols that represent intellectual concepts. Communication depends on a reciprocal understanding and agreement on the relationships between words and concepts.
A Philosophy Every human is a philosopher. His behavior reflects his concept of his relationship with all other life. This philosophy must be based on real knowledge.
A Basis for
Moral human behavior optimizes the survival and nourishment of the human species. Any other behavior is harmful (immoral, unethical).
The Ethics of
Cultural Murder
Any cultural practice that involves the murder of human beings will contribute a negative influence on the survival of the human species.
Sex The dominant cultural instinct is the drive for sex. To insure a benign and intellectual culture, the human is required to intellectually control all of its instincts.
Eugenics Once a hated political weapon, this new branch of technology now stands as our only hope against a collapsing society and species extinction.