and Reform
How can we hope to move from many cultures, all based on instinct and dogma, to one central rational culture based on knowledge, when no modern culture has the knowledge, understanding or discipline to make that change?

The answer is to provide an unbiased education system which is politically, socially, and culturally neutral. One that teaches only provable knowledge.

The product of this new system of education will succeed resoundingly in any field of endeavor. Many will choose to be teachers of fact. Newer, more rational, and less bigoted teachers will become available.

A new and more rational culture will then evolve.

There is a profound dread
that something has gone terribly wrong with our schools.

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
Introduction Our schools entertain the students, build their egos and ideologically prepare them for a socialist world. Neither their knowledge nor their behavior, on graduation, fits the real world.
Dynamics What perverse process is it that has changed our education system from being a teacher of knowledge to becoming a juggernaut with the desire, will and power to completely restructure our society?
Whole Language Modern education dogma has no factual basis. It uses archaic beliefs instead. Logical development from such dogma does strange things, such as telling a runner he can run faster backwards.
The Drug Connection Ever wonder how our kids find out about all this drug stuff? Would you believe our schools not only educate our children about mind altering drugs, they often demand that they use them? At your cost?
The Curriculum Students should know enough about the universe they live in, and their position in it, to be comfortable and confident as they enter the modern high tech world. Art, music, sports and philosophy later.